Artist’s Statement

For the most part of our adult lives we live in a world only half seen, a flux of vague impressions which we incorporate unthinkingly.   Though most of us would deny it, we are not connected to the world.   Painting however reconnects us; we see what we have seen a thousand times, but suddenly with the freshness of a child.   All painting has this, but watercolour,  because it is volatile and transparent and ideal for rendering light, is especially suited for giving form to the fleeting and the transient.

My paintings, then, are sub-worlds – they represent but are not part of the world.   To the extent that they succeed they are separate and ‘other.’     And this is what I seek — to capture the ‘otherness’ of things.  For, out of the recognition of  ‘otherness’, whether it be in a flower, a face or a landscape, we come some way to defining ourselves.

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