Born Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  1938
Emigrated to Israel 1969
Major influences – British watercolourists and the Japanese Zen masters.
Has recently completed a series of large oils on the twin themes of
creation and destruction.















1980  Jerusalem Theatre, group show.

1981  Hillel Gallery, Jerusalem, one man show.

Royal Society of Portrait Painters, England, Open Exhibition.

1982  Royal Society of Portrait Painters, England, Open Exhibition.

Royal Society of British Artists, England. Open Exhibition.

1983  EllaGallery, Jerusalem, one man show.

New English Art Club, Open Exhibition.

1984  EllaGallery, group show.

1986  EllaGallery, one man show.

1987  Fisher Hall, Jerusalem, group show.

1989  Finalist in the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition.

Century Galleries, Henley, one man show.

Ben Uri Gallery, London, Open Exhibition.

1991  White Crow Gallery, M’vasseret Zion, one man show.

1992  Jerusalem YMCA, Director’s room, one man show.

1993  American Colony, Jerusalem, one man show.

1994  Kibbutz Na’am, The Landscape, group show.

1996  The Watercolour Studio, private one man show.

1999  The Jerusalem Theatre, Spring Festival, one man show.

1999  On stage, Fantasy for Chimpanzee & Orchestra at the

Spring Festival, Jerusalem Theatre.

On stage, Fantasy for Chimpanzee & Orchestra,

at the TelAvivMuseum.

2000  Laing Art Competition & Exhibition, UK.

Royal Society of British Artists, Open Exhibition.

2002  Group tribute to Yosef Hirsch, Tel Aviv Artist’s House &

Jerusalem Theatre

2004  Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv, one man show.

2012  Jerusalem YMCA, the Director’s Room, one man show.

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